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  • Su-Ette - Your Virtual Business Assistant

    Here's what we do at Su-Ette

    Building Robots at your command

    Helping you save time and resources through building your robotic process automation

    • Automate what can be automated in your business
    • Repetition of business processes requires automation
    • Build a more impactful and productive workforce for your business

    Adding additional layer of insights for business

    Helping you turn dormant and scattered data into valuable insights with artificial intelligence

    • Unify and centralise your business data
    • Immediate access to knowledge in a unified and centralised manner
    • Enhance prediction and grow your business faster

    Data to conversations for your employees and customers

    The future is conversational, we turn your data and business process into intuitive conversations

    • Turning the complex into simple conversations
    • Conversational, helpful and accurate that's available 24/7
    • Giving your customers and employees the personal attention that they deserve
  • Unrealized until now.

    Indispensable from now on.

    Your 24/7 business assistant at your fingertips - Available with our "Plug and Play" platform. Speak to us and find out how easy it is to easily deploy your smart and intuitive Bot

    Human Resource Bots

    Focus on what matters - Your People

    Chatbots have shown to give HR Partners 30 to 50% of their time back through Smart Bot deployment. Give your talents the answers they seek instantly, all the while freeing your department's time to work on what humans do best.

    • Learns from company documentation
    • Connects to internal HR platform (SAP-SuccessFactors, etc)
    • Secure and private

    Customer Service Bots

    Increase satisfaction of your business's lifeline

    69% of customers love chatbots because they give instant answers to their questions in real-time. Reduce the ticket and service workload while offering optimal customer service. Who loves waiting on a phone call, queueing in line for the next available agent?

    • Learns from your product documentation and systems
    • Multiple lines of support
    • Seamless integrations with channels and systems

    Sales Bots

    Grow your revenue - All through our Bots

    Research has shown consumers are ready to spend money through chatbots. Increase revenue by automatically up- and cross-selling through A.I conversations, 24/7.

    • Learns from your product's features
    • Smart product recommendations
    • Sales insights and analytics

    Deliver a ubiquitous Chatbot via these channels and many more....

  • Su-Ette, your indispensable Business Partner.

    Here's why we are co-creating the future for your business.

    Improve Accessibility

    Our bespoke Chatbot turns your data into a conversation by providing access to highly complexed insights and knowledge with human-like, natural conversations.


    Data and insights are useless if they are too complex to understand and what we help businesses achieve is to remove this complexity using natural language processing technologies to allow you to just ask.

    Improve Knowledge

    A.I Layers centers around all your data to provide a data-led helicopter view of your business, providing your key insights from across your business moving parts.


    Discover profitable patterns, repeatable successes by turning your data into predictive models for increasing future value.

    Improve Productivity

    Our custom-build RPAs help increases your business productivity by deploying a virtual digital workforce that works 24/7. Based on tasks you set them to complete.


    Helping you achieve complex, repetitive processes through a highly trained, efficient and customised robot that gives you your business competitive advantage.

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