• Your Favourite HR Assistant.

    Made for HR by HR.

    Empowering Human Capital Through Tech

  • Unrealized until now.

    Indispensable from now on.

    Your 24/7 HR Assistant at your fingertips.

    Setting up is simple.

    Just upload your employee handbook and let Su-Ette start learning it. Su-Ette gets smarter day by day as she learns about what your parameters are about.

    Secured Conversations.

    Su-Ette identifies who can have access to the information and will securely converse with them.

    Always there for you.

    Su-Ette is available 24/7 on multiple platforms. Speaking to Su-Ette has never been easier. Gain information just like having an HR Assistant right at your fingertips.

  • Su-Ette, your indispensable HR Partner.

    Su-Ette is a bot based technology that acts as your company's personal HR Assistant

    Enterprise Grade

    Su-Ette is build on Enterprise level intelligence giving you significant advantage from your competitors

    Social Messaging

    We know you are always on the go, so does Su-Ette. She follows you around to provide you with the needed information.

    Self Directed Cognitive Computing

    Su-ette gets smarter with helping you navigate the parameters around your HR's rules.

  • Su-Ette - Your Virtual HR Assistant

    Here's how you can deploy Su-Ette

    Recruitment Assistant

    Adding value to your hiring process

    We understand the recruitment is a long and tedious process, deploying Su-Ette to help you will significantly reduce the screening and scheduling admin that you will need to handle.

    HR Assistant

    Adding value to your HR process

    Leave the HR questions to Su-Ette, she's intelligent enough to ensure that you are directed to the right answers in the most effective way. Let her handle the administration while you focus on the strategic stuff that matters

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