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Crystal ball, Crystal ball.... tell me what the future holds for me and the future generation?

It will probably reply .... ADAPT!

A - Asymmetry

D - Disruption

A - Age

P - Populism

T - Trust

That's really what we are faced within today's world and in the future might also face the same facets as well. Not getting too philosophical for this post, the target is really to get ourselves better prepared for our future.

Acknowledging the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment that we are faced with today, it is really imperative that we equip ourselves with the necessary cognitive capabilities that will probably set ourselves apart and move ahead of the competition.

There are probably tons of research and thought leadership focused on the skills needed and it will probably be true that CEOs are concern about the limited availability of required skills to bring businesses into the future. Neither will that be our focus in this post to echo off the "Human skills" of leadership, creativity, empathy, and curiosity. Rather, it aims to bring using into reflective thoughts into having the AiBiCiDi ability!

AI - Augmented Intelligence

Let's start with the AI, and while we are good at developing Artificial Intelligence, we are not focused on this point. 😁

Rather, Augmented Intelligence, which is an alternative conceptualization of artificial intelligence that focuses on AI's assistive role, emphasizing the fact that cognitive technology is designed to enhance human intelligence rather than replace it. The emphasis of Augmented Intelligence is the pairing between human and machine to work together and to bring a better outcome from the collaboration.

In the complexed world today, we are not able to only be relying on our brains to operate and make decisions, the need to be assisted by Augmented Intelligence's processing power to help us make informed decisions will remain to be key in our lives.

Rounding up with sharing the thoughts of Sean Gourley in this Ted Talk sharing:

BI - Behavioural Intelligence

Behavioural Intelligence is about the capability to observe, identify, articulate and leverage behaviour with speed. With the rapid advancement of technologies, so do human preferences as well. Thus, a high-level Behavioural Intelligence which creates increased effectiveness and efficiency in human interactions becomes vital.

Essentially, it's about developing skills and abilities to select and execute at will the right behaviors to be effective with people and the situation. BI requires us to have effective thinking, decision making and also effective follow-through behaviors to create meaningful impact.

Many of us will probably be aware and effective at having high EI (Emotional intelligence), which is having the ability to be "Smart with People". While it is necessary, EI alone will be insufficient for high-level BI due to the lack of awareness, skills and behaviors for getting "the job" done, whether or not people are involved.

CI - Cultural / Contextual Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence is the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. Conceptually similar to Cross-Cultural competence, CI goes beyond that to actually look at intercultural capabilities as a form of intelligence that can be measured and developed.

Those with high CI can proficiently bridge the knowledge gap, educating and transferring knowledge which connects and smoothen the processes in a multicultural environment.

It is also one's ability to apply knowledge to real-world scenarios and situations, being proficient at adapting knowledge and skills to different situations, environments and cultures. Being skillful, an individual uses what they know and making it work from one situation to another and not just the environment in which it was learned.

In simple words, the cognitive learning that has been acquired in schools or institutions doesn't cover all dimensions of the facets, it's the ability to using to help in different wide-ranging issues and situations faced in the real world.

One's future business value depends on the ability to lever CI and build sustainable intelligent enterprises and ecosystems.

Further Reading:

Harvard Business Review's Cultural Intelligence, 2004

Harvard Business Review's Contextual Intelligence, 2014

DI - Data Intelligence

Data intelligence focuses on analysis and interaction with information in a meaningful way to promote better decision-making in the future. Making effective decisions will no longer be contained to one's "Gut feeling" or intuition alone, it needs to be aligned on understanding data, uncovering alternative explanations, resolving issues, and identifying future trends to improve decision-making.

To achieve this, data intelligence experts focus on five major components: descriptive, prescriptive, diagnostic, decisive, and predictive data. Aided by today's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, one can analyze enormous amounts of data much faster and reliably. It will be vital for one's efforts to improve the services and develop forward-looking strategies they might choose to employ.

Data allows us to see "New", to see "Better" and to see "Different", it will transform the way we Live, how we Work and how we Think.

Insightful sharing on Big Data by Kenneth Cukier, co-author of Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, 2013:

Through the multiple projects that we have delivered for our clients, the focal point is always around how we are applying Artificial Intelligence, Data and robotics automation to aid humans. Often, the cluelessness of where to start adds to the procrastination in adoption. However, with the acceleration of technology in today's environment, it becomes a necessity for us to transcript these learnings in AiBiCiDi in helping you embrace the threats of our VUCA environment and to leverage our technologies in elevating your skills for tomorrow's business landscape.



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