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“Re-fresh” your HR experience

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“Please submit your request and we will revert back to you in 3 working days’ time”… How often have you heard the phrase and think about the need to wait for information that is readily available?

The main factor is that your good folks in HR are always overwhelmed with tasks and coupled with timeline delivery that is non-negotiable, you will probably need to understand that your “question” is not the top priority at the moment.

Our good folks in HR are bounded by tasks that need constant attention, like ensuring your pay gets credited in time, your records are best kept and updated always, the business leaders knocking constantly for reports after reports. The task gets overwhelming and often they are just not able to give you the attention needed to perform and function within your role.

Over the years, technology has slowly crept into business processes and the adoption of technology to enhance productivity and efficiency in your HR processes have helped gain some “breathing space” but much more could be done to evaluate the experience further.

The rise in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) have gain traction by forming a small but significant step in revolutionizing the way HR solutions are supposed to be – easy, intuitive and engaging. Adopting such cognitive computing technology can significantly help to reduce the unengaging experience plagued with enterprises for decades.

As we step forward from using technology to just simply automate tasks, we have to look at the value that such task brings to every organization. Technology tools critically need to also be up to existing trends and adoption to today’s and tomorrow’s audience. The reality that we face today is that most enterprise technology tools that we use have a terrible user interface and complex designs that users just probably “give up” on their journey to adopt technology for their HR practices. Worse of all, employees end up spending 70% of their work time on outdated enterprise software.

Simple and Efficient

The use of artificial intelligence provides the ability to take away the challenges that come with accessing applications by simplifying the user-friendly interactions which are not only effective but also can be fun. Integration of virtual HR technology aims to give its users options to multiple communication platforms that businesses already use. Best of all, it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you won’t have to take a “queue number” to have humanistic interaction with HR technology.

Core of it: Natural humanistic conversational interface

While we detest “robotic” answers from HR, we will come to expect that technology provides us with more humanistic approaches to our questions. The growth of natural language processing (NLP) uses computational linguistics whereby your virtual HR will constantly learn and adapt towards how you are interacting with it. In other words, it grows with you and learns from you, providing you with a better experience every time.

Tacit knowledge gets retained

Times of differing and confusing messages from different HR folks will be days of the past as the tacit knowledge gets learnt by technology for future reliable replication of information. This is especially important as talents move from roles within organizations or exits. Reliance of core tacit knowledge gets retained within the business for future use. Best of all, the tacit knowledge gets refreshed via the backend where the training is enforced or changed. So, you don’t have to worry that you are still getting outdated knowledge from technology as it will grow with your organization’s HR.

As technology becomes weaved into our lives, the “refresh” of ensuring that we stay innovative in our HR technology is crucial in ensuring that we bring higher value in our contributions to make the organization successful. While technology may be far from replacing humans totally, the effective use of technology to enhance the experience and reduce inefficiency is needed for future survival.

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