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RPA: Why should you even care?

Distinction from your competitors with a Manpower-independent solution enhanced by A.I

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What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

Companies have long-winded, laborious, complex processes eroding valuable employee time and growth is hampered by wasting resources on repeating the same tasks over and over again.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software robot that mimics the actions of humans operating computer systems usually by a rule-based instruction to perform an automated task that is repetitive and systematic inputs. While these systems do not have an inbuilt intelligence, thus, any unorganized inputs will show error when performing the task.

Using the latest RPA techniques coupled with artificial intelligence technologies to automate these processes will result in a faster, more accurate, and consistent completion rate.

Imagine turning months of work into a mere few minutes to complete gives our workforce the ability to achieve more with less and give your company time to focus on the things that really matter. That's what RPA is programmed for in assisting your business to eliminate the high-volume and repetitive tasks, freeing your business resources to focus on higher value work.

Another way to look at it, RPA forms part of your organization's asset which exists virtually and works as a team assistant with your human employee.

Where can you apply the use of RPA?

Using A.I within your RPAs will bring the system to another level of performance. The RPA that is integrated with A.I technologies are taking the system beyond rule-based processes which means it does not only performing a task but self-learn in a new environment. But where can you start?

Most big organizations that have been operating today tend to have legacy systems that would take up time to shift and tonnes of data in different systems, and to move into a single platform is not easy and time-consuming. It will require effort to complete the migration and testing which cause interruption on business if an error occurs. Therefore, in determining a solution to the problems to bridge the gap between systems, we have to ask ourselves: "Automate what can be automated". Operating on a series of repeated processes, achieving accuracy and efficiency are the key to your RPA implementation's success. Training your robots to complete these task with 100% accuracy at scale is fundamental to deploy a digital, always-online, always-perfect workforce to help grow your business.

The more repeated a task is, the more an RPA should be deployed. Complex tasks are prone to human mistakes, slowing your business down. And the reality is that your business does not have the time to slow down and the reliance of robots to achieve the complex task with perfection, all-day every day is mission critical.

Having done many RPAs for businesses, Su-Ette helps you to map, dissect and prioritize the processes, understanding how each moving part interacts and developing your robot to complete all of them with perfection. How we achieve that? We don't do 'out-of-the-box' or 'off-the-shelf' applications, your robots will be created and trained specifically to your requirements.

This type of A.I capability uses a number of different A.I technologies, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), to extract the relevant data from the available text, even if the text is written in a free-form language. Our advanced RPA capabilities and know-how ​allow us to work on the most complex automation.

So, should you be building an impactful workforce for your business?

Your people resources are finite and precious, taking the mundane, boring and repeatable tasks away from your workforce and freeing them to concentrate on the more impactful, interesting and engaging tasks within your business will be determining your business's success.

Exploring areas within your business that could benefit from robotic automation, such as HR, customer service, or even sales will be imperative to optimize the impact of your workforce - both digital and human - has on your business. Your digital workforce is your asset, you own it and it lives within your infrastructure. The only difference is that your digital workforce doesn't drink, sleep, take toilet breaks or holiday. They're working 24 hours /7 days a week / 365 days a year.

What's more, your digital workforce can constantly improve by tweaking and adding new features to pro-actively get your business ready for any future needs.

Custom-trained machines will revolutionize your business by automating complex processes. Once they are in place, you can rely on them to deliver impeccable work, always.

Here at Su-Ette, we leverage on RPA, AI and NLP to bring across the best virtual assistant for your organization. RPA aids in automating processes to save time, resource and energy. Unattended, attended and hybrid virtual workforces increase efficiency, reduce errors and costs. AI cleans and unifies data silos to centralize and produces actionable insights.

Our chatbots bring across a conversational interface that turns data and knowledge into smart conversations, pre-sale inquiries, funnel progression, conversational marketing, and business intelligence solutions at scale. Every RPA solution we deliver is shipped with a monitoring tool and data analytics dashboard as well.

Want to know how we can help in automating your business processes?

Say "Hi" at we will work with you in this digital transformation journey for your business.



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