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Technological SWOT for HR to transform

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting HR!

It's a pretty common statement that we have often come across in the human resource practice and the reality is real.

We do really need to know what it is, how it will impact us as HR practitioners and how do we adopt technology as part of our professional practice.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a really big word, deciphering what AI encompass is imperative for HR to navigate the threats that AI brings to the profession and how we can overcome the threats of AI. So what is AI?

Generally speaking, AI are technological capabilities that can replace task that we humans can do. Put it simply, these are cognitive computing technologies that allow systems to think and act like humans and often, the systems are able to think and act rationally when faced with the situation. But if we are to look at the individual fragments of AI, we can see that it can be broken down into various sub-systems (As illustrated below):

So knowing the components of how various components work within an ecosystem allows us to simply know where are the strengths of cognitive computing deployment and how it can be used to replace human efforts in the various processes. To put it in simple terms, AI is about accuracy and endurance which we may often encounter situations where "Human Error" occurs.

AI is all about learning - It requires experience (And a HUGE amount of experience) that is translated in the form of BIG data and from this big data, it applies machine learning methodologies that give AI its capabilities. So, it's like your "Super Human" that doesn't stop learning and improving. Think Ivan Pavlov conditioning theory, and it's something that is along that line.

So, if the computer technically never sleeps, how can we as humans overcome their speed to learn? Biologically, we need to rest and this time spent on sleeping, the computer might have gone further ahead in its learning. To overcome, this we need to first know the biggest and most important weakness of AI which at this current moment, cannot be overcome by computing powers. So what is its weakness?

Artificial Intelligence is BLIND!

AI is blind and it hasn't got the capabilities of a proper visioning system like humans have in replicating what humans can perform. And to show you this, we will use one of the world's most advanced AI to test it out - GOOGLE!

Assuming, I am asking Google to help me identify "Beautiful Scenery in Singapore" it will probably give me a large collection of spectacular pictures of scenery in Singapore such as the print screen below:

No doubt, the search AI is able to give me some of the most spectacular images from the internet and present that to me, but as you start scrolling down the images, you can see that the system is starting to lose its intelligence in the search criteria I have set. (See the highlighted images in Red border)

Hence, what does it means? Unless there is human intervention to train the search AI that these are not scenery in Singapore, it will not know that these pictures are "untrue" of the search criteria that I have asked in the search bar.

So in other words, this weakness can be played towards our advantage as Humans, psychologically we are complex beings that are able to take on many complexed parameters to perform in a more intelligent way, while AI's strengths over humans are being more accurate and of higher endurance, why don't we as Human rely on these cognitive computing strengths and focus on building our core strengths over AI.

Instead of focusing our current developmental efforts on repeatable & predictable work (Which can be easily be replaced by AI), we need to learn and develop strong competency for task and matters that cannot be easily be replaced by AI. One way to help us achieve this is to deploy Smart HR Bots to help us reproduce quality and reliable work for HR leaving us more time and bandwidth to work on HR strategic matters that our business and people need. If we continue as HR professionals to hold onto work that AI can easily replicate, then it will be quite soon that our HR value proposition diminish. That is exactly the reason why we have created Su-Ette to help us as HR professionals take the leap forward. The only way we can overcome the threats of AI is to develop very core soft skills that differentiate us to be humans, leave the hard skill tasks for AI to make our lives more effective and efficient.

Concluding thoughts!

In reality, there are some races that we will never be able to win AI. We will get nowhere if we don't embrace the power of AI. Hence, instead of living in Fear that AI will be replacing us, we need to take the Brave step to try out something that has not been proven yet and leverage on AI to enhance our opportunities to take the leap for the HR profession to be better than yesterday and today.

We need to play towards our strengths in overcoming the speed of how AI is developing.

This article is brought to you by Su-Ette - creating HR Smart bots to Empower Human Capital Through Tech

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