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Be an effective HR Technological Proponent

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Technology is essential to all function within HR, just think about HR Information system (HRIS), CRM, HR Management systems (HRMS), etc.

Technology has changed the way HR folks think and do their work. At the foundational level, technology helps us to be efficient in delivering administration activities (like Benefits administration, Payroll processing, Healthcare cost management, and other administrative services.)

Today, technology has evolved to help people stay connected with each other. It is all about relationship-building. It is about leveraging on social media tools to improve communication and enhance connectivity between employees and customers. HR professionals, therefore, need to realize and embrace that the technology needs of today have transformed the workplace and how we work i.e. the needs to access, advocate, analyze and align technology for information, efficiency and relationships.

We will share simple knows and dos for HR professionals to start rethinking how technology is impacting our profession:

1.) Improving utility of HR operations:

  • Figure out key information your company needs to share to make informed decisions
  • Build a communication plan to answer “what we share, who needs to receive it, when should they receive it, and how should they receive it”
  • Aware and understand the impact of the latest technology trends in your business and function
  • Identify and learn the use of technology from appropriate vendors
  • Find ways to use HR-related technology to process information for informed decision-making

2.) Connecting people through technology:

  • Find ways to create learning communities both inside and outside your company
  • Build web-based information systems that enable employees to connect with each other
  • Form bottom-up information sharing processes so that leaders can learn about issues on the ground and act accordingly in a timely manner

3.) Leveraging on social media tools:

  • Access social media tools to source and connect potential employees
  • Examine your organization’s brand in the social media space
  • Assign people to track your organization’s social media footprint
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