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The Technological Future is here, Now What!

Exploration on Human Capital Skills needed for the future

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The use of computing technologies are rapidly advancing in being deployed in our work environment, so what skills are needed for the future.

In our recent post on building Human Capital, we had shared briefly on how artificial intelligence can perform "Hard Skills" better than what humans can do. The trends for 2018 and beyond showcases the disruptions facing HR and our function. This post aims to share with our readers, areas of skill development to focus on moving towards our future. This is because technology will be continuously changing and without being a multi-skilled human capital workforce, the gap will continue to widen leaving a gap between human and technology in our work environment.

Digital Skills - Designing interactions, Connectedness and Digital Fluency

Think digital and how humans are influencing the design of digital interfaces. End in mind is the usability and how it impacts the fluidity of the user experience. It increasingly important because it is vital to business operations to stay competitiveness in a global market.

Involving creative skills and computer skills in designing visuals associated with electronic technology will be a core skill needed. Making sure that the digital flow is flexible, accurate, efficient and appropriate are the creative skills that we need to build upon in the future.

Essentially, we need the digital experience to be able to create interaction and connectedness amongst the users. Now, we are building a trusted and positive relationships and collaboration with people globally through digital channels in which is crucial in our working environment. While there are more digital applications that assist in building on computing skills to create (Without the need for computation coding), we will need to look at how to design the experience and flow of the digital experience.

Data - Literacy and Science

The ability to derive meaningful information from data is a critical skillset. Requiring the knowledge of mathematics and statistics, we will need to derive predictive information from the tsunami of data that we have. While computational powers helps us handle the data and make sense of the data, the need to translate these to usable story-telling is critical skillset needed.

Building on the scientific methodologies, processes and algorithms into systems to help us interpret the various forms of structured and unstructured data points are critical in designing the context of predictive analytics. As such, it helps to save a lot of time when interpreting and forecasting the data.

Interpersonal and Human Intelligence

While there are digital tools and applications that assist in interpersonal connections, the need to focus on collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and empathy are imperative skills to build upon. While digital tools act as an enabler, these soft skills are fundamentally critical for success. Building on these developmental skills as individuals helps navigate us within the social level where it brings about accomplishing positive interaction skills of being a human.

While there are multiple literature and research done up on these 5 skillsets, my article is not intended to dive into each of these and explain what they mean. Rather, helping humans focus on these core soft skills that facilitate the developmental focal point for the future.

Growth Mindset in a VUCA environment

We are living in a highly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment today and the ability become adaptable and resilient is critical for us to continuously overcome the environmental challenges.

Taking on a global mindset and building on global leadership traits are essential in surviving in today's world. Agility in learning will help us become aware, get educated and adapt accordingly to the external challenges.

The intent of this blog post is not to be a lengthy write up about each of the skillsets, the aim is to help us look at what is needed for the future and work on building ourselves to be future ready.

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