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Why ​are businesses turning to Chatbots?

The world has changed.

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We are at the start of a perfect storm. At Su-Ette, we believe we are at the start of a new age in how brands communicate with consumers and internally. Whether you are a small business owner, an e-commerce store or a restaurant, we have got your all setup and ready to ride on the next wave of Bot-customer interactions.

Consumer behavior has shifted from social broadcasting to more personal social messaging. Consumers are looking to access information on- demand, not when brands decide to schedule emails. This storm is being powered by machines (namely artificial intelligence and mobile internet) and while some have been getting a bad rap, in more and more cases technology can keep up with expectations.

Consumers no longer want to talk to a business by phone or email; they’ve moved to social media and messaging in their personal lives, why not when they’re dealing with a business?

Convenience is winning. 

People do not want to wait or search for an answer, they want the answer to come to them.

Brands are being forced to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Some early adopters have caught the public’s attention, for instance KLM talks to passengers and The Guardian newspaper publishes through Facebook Messenger. Conversational interfaces, or chatbots, are the fuel for the storm powering personalised, 24/7 communication in any language and any time zone.

Chatbots are the chance to innovate in the customer-brand relationship and to provide a tool to reach consumers on platforms they are already using. This means the experience is completely convenient to the customer and they don’t have to change their behaviour. When consumers trust that brands can deliver the experience they demand from chatbots, widespread adoption will take hold.

It’s happening right now. And we are part of your business revolution.

The conditions are ripe for chatbots. We’re in a perfect storm where humans are willing to talk to businesses via new channels, and technology can match consumers’ expectations of how brands should interact.

While chatbots must make customer experience efficient and reliable, the best chatbots will also delight. A brand persona can be brought to life through a chatbot and this creativity helps increase brand recall. For the first time, brands can have personalized, two-way conversations in real time, at scale.

As more people become accustomed to talking to chatbots, there will be an increase in the level of service they expect from brands.

Your business future depends on how you are transforming your customer’s experience.

Consumers' trust in chatbots will come when brands can deliver a good experience. In 2017, people don’t expect to have in-depth, human-like conversations with automated technology such as Alexa – they just want to be able to get the information they need, quickly.

This is already happening.

Isn’t it time your business had access to this power?

Need a Smart Bot for your Business? At Su-Ette, we give you the ability to quickly build and deploy your Bots all within our intelligent Bot platform. Stop worrying about high fees to build Bots, we are here to deploy Smart Bot for the masses. Speak to us for a simple, no-obligation demo.

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