• Close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds!

  • We saw the need for a support tool which focuses on positive well-being and resilience, with a view to helping youths to get through their growing up years. We made it our mission to develop one.

    Love, Su-Ette

  • We understand that helping social organizations, schools, and community to build an ecosystem to support mental health and wellness becomes imperative to what we do at Su-Ette. It's our mission to use technology to aid issues that we need to address.

    Mental Resilience

    positive resilience and well-being are crucial for people to confidently overcome the challenges they face

    We are not an app. It is a messaging service that works through existing social messaging platforms. Pushing messages to youths at key moments. It anticipates what youths need and sends them tips and coping tools when they are the most useful and relevant to them.

    Mental Health

    positive mental health serves as a powerful protective factor against mental illness

    What if youths need to pull information as well? We give youths the option to access additional ‘pull’ information by typing keywords when they need extra help. This gives them the ability to seek critical information to address issues that might be prevalent in their context. Signposting to give you critical insights to intervene.

  • Why should you deploy our bot?

    Key benefits to your youths, benefits to you.

    Reach hard to reach youths

    We deliver messages directly to youths’ individual mobile phones, wherever they are, through a social media platform they use daily. Messages are timed to deliver the best possible impact.

    Anticipate the issues youths face and send them the information they need, before they realise they need it.

    Provide them with the option to solicit information through the same dialogue, by entering key words. For example, the word
    “assault” in the case of concerns about sexual assault. Help to boost youths’ wellbeing and supercharge your existing youth support services

    Prevent information overload.

    Give youths safe, trustworthy and consistent message on a range of important topics. Have an easy way to centrally control the content and update it as often as you like.

    Signpost youths to relevant support resources

    Channel the youths to internal resources or services which could help them.

    Be listened to.

    According to our 2016 mobile messaging report, "Within messaging apps 98% of messages are read within 3 minutes. Our Bots operate 24/7 always ready for our Youths

    Collect Data

    On youth's wellbeing, satisfaction, engagement. Collect it throughout the year through regular surveys and message analytics tools

  • Content with IMPACT!

    We have developed behavior change messaging programs for people in low resource settings around the world.


    Youth eye's level

    Our messages are written in an unpatronizing tone, at a peer level. Youths we have interviewed said that one big draw to our program is the fact that messages appear not to have come directly from an institution. Instead, they use a voice like that of a reliable friend, a peer, or a soul mate


    Normalising Behaviour

    We normalize (normal) behavior. In other words, youths gain confidence in their own health and are able to meet their own needs more successfully. In turn, this aims to reduce pressure on social institutions support services.



    By engaging and empowering youths, we aim to give them the tools to make the right choices for their physical and mental wellbeing. We also aim to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness which we know are contributory factors to depression, suicide, or becoming vulnerable to radicalization. Giving you a powerful engagement tool.

  • Reach out and let's bring the ecosystem to your organizations

    The world needs us to bring technology to serve a bigger purpose. It starts with us.

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