• Running a Restaurant isn't an as easy task!

    We understand and have curated technologies just to serve your need.

  • We know the struggles!

    Juggling with the many task that you have on hand

    Customer queries

    They are calling you and probably expecting an immediate answer.

    Often your customers call you and try to get many questions answered. Given the manpower crunch, you probably won't have a call center to answer all your customer's query.


    What's exciting is that you can curate your own Chatbots to handle all your customer queries in a highly intuitive and intelligent way.


    Build your Bots (Even in your own language or business lingo) and deploy them easily on FaceBook, Telegram, LINE or your website. You just have to create on Bot and deploy them in any or all the list channels. (We do curate custom build channels and we are available in 29 different channels)

    Psst... Our Bots works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without off days.


    Campaigns, broadcast, autoresponders? We've got you covered!

    Many of your customers are moving their preferences to mobile messaging instead of emails. Are you ready?


    Well, we've got you covered and your bots are there to help you run campaigns, broadcast or autoresponders to get your latest promotions out to your customers.


    Easily build your campaigns, and let the bots run that for you. Best of all, your bot comes with simple to use analytics that you can use to enhance your marketing capabilities.


    Talk about automating your marketing, our bot helps you deliver the message at the right time, at the right channels!


    Need your existing technology talking to each other?

    Yes, we are also able to help you work on integrating projects as well. Being a firm believer that Bots needs to be intelligent and to achieve that, integrating with your existing systems.


    Hence, our open API architecture gives you future capabilities to effectively build upon your Bots and integrate into your existing systems.


    Be it CRM, ERP, Inventory systems and all, we have done that.


    Webhooks comes standard, but if you need us to go the techie and geeky work, we are standing by to help you achieve your dream Bot!


    Equipping your bots with accurate information and get Bots to do your administrative work of finding information on different platforms. Our Bots can CRUD (*Create, Read, Update & Delete) opening up a whole new experience in the meaning of administration.

    Imagine the future of restaurants!

    Possibilities are up to our imagination!

    Uniquely that we are, we believe in creating bespoke Bots to meet your needs. Coding your solution from scratch, this elevates that capabilities of creating a highly bespoke bot for your business.


    Business analytics, operational analytics, process automation, the possibility of scaling up your bots to start adding value. Don't believe? We have a "Live case study" that helps the business generate more than 30,000 leads and closing more than 500+ sales deals (All without human intervention).


    Want to see the "Live case study"? Drop a "Hi, show me Eva" to hello@su-ette.com. We will introduce you to her.

  • Hey! We love to hear your needs and get your bot up and ready for your business.

    Speak to us and we will discover how Bots can become your virtual worker that doesn't stop working, 24/7!

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