• What We Do here at Su-Ette?

    Here's a snap shot of what we have consistently delivered successfully for our clients.

    Bespoke AI Bot Development.

    Fully customized turnkey AI development projects, designed, developed and delivered for you.

    Here at Su-Ette, we develop the most trainable, dependable and scalable machine humans that your company will ever need.


    Over a decade of experience in delivering end-to-end chatbot solutions, robotic process automation and AI-Layer services that solve real business problems.


    We engineer smart business Bots powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. A product of modern day computing technologies which aims to dedicate efforts centered on driving business practices for the digital future.


    From Bots that handle transactions which are integrated into your existing systems infrastructure, to unifying your data for intelligent business analytics, we have always delivered above expectations.

    Oh! Did we mention that we code everything from scratch with our proprietary technologies!

    Build your own bots!

    A subscription-based bot development platform that you can use to deploy your business bots!

    Yup! It's true, you don't need us to do all the geeky stuff.


    Our state of the art Bot platform has been programmed with our team's expertise to give you immediate access to "Build and Deploy" your Business Bots.


    Best of all, you don't even have to learn how to code. It's all been taken care of. Just subscribe and start building your Bots, we are sure your bosses will be really pleased with you.


    Forget about upfront hefty development fees, because there's none. It's just a monthly flat fee which gives you full access to our Bot platform with unlimited users, unlimited conversations, unlimited FAQs and many more.


    Need to set this up? Drop us a "Hi" and we can set you up in no time!




  • It's not just about Technology!

    While Bots are what we do best, it's always the applications and impact on society and businesses.
    Here are some of our sectorial and functional specific Bots that can deliver for value and productivity for you.

    Employee Health & Wellness Bot

    Your Robot EAP (Employee Assistant Program) curated specifically to serve HR and businesses. Deploy your mental health and wellness eco-system for your employees!


    Stop losing productivity because of poor mental health and wellness programs. Curated contents developed by organisational psychologist to give your employees cutting edge technological infrastructure to better aid their mental wellbeing.

    Take the leap forward for them!

    Mental Health and Wellness Bot

    We saw the need for a support tool which focuses on positive well-being and resilience, with a view to helping youths to get through their growing up years. We made it our mission to develop one.

    Restaurant Bot

    Running a Restaurant isn't an as easy task! We understand and have curated technologies just to serve your need.

    Feeling that your F&B business needs an extra pairs of hands? Why not get the digital worker to reduce the administration for your outlet and let humans focus on what they do best!
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